Freddie Farmer
first exchange?

Probably Ether Delta. The Zilliqa team however signed an NDA not to disclose this information.

and price estimated when hits exchange

Deepak Saini
and price estimated when hits exchange

ico price was around $0.008 so we are looking at $0.008 as a bare minimum assuming holders don't sell at a loss.

No chance it will be on ether delta officially first (though people will still sell there) my guess is Kucoin.

3x Take them all

Good product .. still buy

Honestly expecting 2x in eth value

Canyacoin first listing in kucoin already hit 7x

I dont think that ziliga will be less

CanYa coin rubbish ...

10x eth value would be nice

Rubbish but 7x, ziliga worth more

Agree, alas I’m bot in ICO :(

Got full 5 eth myself from the ico

I am out of ico so sad

Anyone get some space

Cant contribute anymore

You guys crazy

Instantly when tokens unlock, im jumping to Forkdelta to buu more

Next ico is verime

Got in the ride for a pool

Anyone get into aXpire?

When is verime pre sale?