A bread ? Yes it s 100 xrp oh no 121, oops 98 , finaly it will be 153 xrp if you pay right now loooool

People are... XRPpay, XPOS, Spend

Hidde Hoogland
If @Woelgeest starts saying 'buy the coin first week of June' that resembles Justin a lot XD

It’s a logical statement seeing as smart contracts will be enabled and deployed on the 10th along with possible partnership announcements.

Yep people are .. but I don’t lol

i've already bought computer parts from reputable online stores with crypto

No one will accept volatility in real life

Hidde Hoogland
As an admin, you can't advise people to buy your coin. Period.

Relax dude. You are literally the only one getting bent out of shape about it. It was a joke.

Virgil Abloh
We get it, you hold XRP. No one cares.

Thanks for letting me know. I also mentioned XPOS & Spend. PundiX doesn't even support XRP.. Somehow you hate XRP.

He is head of marketing of the zilliqa team. Watch out what you say and think. Media is everywhere ;)

don't spread fake news in here

i never not believe it.so i dont need a prove. but you need.

you asserted this idea. It is on you to back it up with proof

not the other way around

Salty up in this piece.

89960727 Wick has been warned (1/3)

worst admin ever. too childish with the bann or warn function.

mind your language.

you need to chill dude. Just because i don't want you spreading blatantly fake information in here doesn't mean that I am a TRX holder

anyway you just a noob. cheers. goodluck.

fuck etherflyer

two scamprojects looking for eachother..... crooks attracts crooks

you calling @Topsy_47 a noob?

you must be trying to make friends

We are at decision point