Hi Dom! Why are zil withdrawals disabled on Binance? Could u please give more info? I am a new zilliqa holder. Trying to understand all

Officially they are working on new address format but you can see my opinion in @zilliqachat or here (just scroll up a bit)

“The Month All OF Zilliqa Has Waited For, June!” by Andy Little

Why no FOMO in zil it's June started

Binance withdrawals suspended. It's a law of supply and demand, and binance is really affecting to zil demand in a negative way atm. Would be nice if they sort this out before smart contracts go live.

Binance is busy pumping their Zil competitor IEO.

Fuck this harmony shit..

Waiting Zil at least 2x current price.. Zil left behind other top 100..

ZIL at least $0.5 end of 2019

Tomorrow evening gonna sell my bag of btt and jump in to zil with 1million$

Who with me ?

Just keep accumulating boys. If zilliqa only reaches its old ath of 0.000025 btc per zilliqa you would only need 40k zilliqa to trade it for 1 btc. That is only around 800$ if you would buy that amount today

Stop giving examples from the past. They are completely irrelevant.

No it isnt. You know that if people do ta you always look what happened in the past and try to see a pattern? People ask themselves questions like where did we have Support or where did we fail to reach a new high. All things that happened in the past matter

How would your TA help is the project goes bankrupt tomorrow? Or something bad happens with the project? Or any other kind of this news? Stop the TA bullshit. Check the resistance on binance, I posted the photo yesterday. Something fishy is going on. There is NO but *NO* coin in binance with such heavy resistance like ZIL.

Ok, how did this resistance form? Keep in mind that like 9-10 days ago price spiked to 305 sat and cleared the path till there. Now that resistance is back like the spike never happened. Also take in consideration that withdrawals and deposits are suspened.

So where did that resistance came from?

They are holding the price

Until the moment, when they want the price to pumpTo create more FOMO

We both know that's no damn argument. Projects like zilliqua or at least I hope so, don't want to create "fomo". This isn't a 3 days project. It needs to have a constant and continuous growth but price is pinned at 230 for weeks. I don't see why team would keep the price low. And if it's not the team who then? Sounds fishly overall.

Projects like Zilliqa is like other business.They can tell you a thousand beautiful words about how they are passionate about their project, but behind the scene it’s all about money 💰 And they have a business plan

No one is here for charity

If other exchanges can enable deposit and withdrawals why can’t Binance, tech is same for everyone, something is behind the curtains

Anjana® Boy
Gate io
This is exchanges is unfortunately not supported.Token Swap Update: 29 May 2019Complete:• Coinone — Deposit and withdrawal of mainnet ZIL now open.• Kucoin — Withdrawals of mainnet ZILs now open and rolling swap now enabled.• Huobi- Deposit and withdrawal of ERC20 ZIL suspended• OKEx — Deposits and withdrawal of ERC20 ZILs suspended• Upbit — Deposit and withdrawal of mainnet ZIL closed due to bech32 changes. Any changes on this status will be shared with you• Koinex• Binance- Users can now deposit Mainnet ZIL. Binance will continue to support the Zilliqa swap. To swap your ERC20 Zilliqa, generate a receive address for ETH and send your ERC20 ZIL to it (DO NOT use the Zilliqa receiving address, it is only for receiving mainnet Zilliqa).• Coinhako — Swap now offered in instantaneous modeUsers may withdraw their zil instantly on the mainnet after depositing ERC20. To swap your ERC20 Zilliqa, generate a receive address for any ERC20 token and send your ERC20 ZIL to it (DO NOT use the Zilliqa receiving address, it is only for receiving mainnet Zilliqa). Please ensure you have your new ZIL mainnet wallet address for deposits. There has been a change in the format to reduce confusions with similar ETH addresses. The old address remains valid as well. Please read more here Zilliqa is currently coordinating with wallets to make the move to new addressed by the end of this week.For all details on the token swap, you can refer to:
Why has Zilliqa been underperforming despite all the good news.IMO it's due the long going Token swap on Binance.3B tokens has been locked on the Exchange since 22 April.Binance has not given any information since the swap started.They have been saying for weeks that they are updating their platform for ZIL tokens.This has been happening while they had their Hack and now Harmony launchpad sale.Harmony has tried to trash talk about Zilliqa in their Whitepaper, but educated people know their paper is just Vaporware. Binance is Shilling Harmony as the next Sharding Blockchain.Do you also see the reason for Zilliqa to be underperforming while a "competitor" is been Shilled by Binance.Just to make it clear. I'm not affiliated with the Zilliqa Team. This is my personal views.“Why has Zilliqa’s token underperformed, despite the successful mainnet launch?” by Daniil Gorbatenko

* 10 from ico is underperformed ?

It’s about to blow its top

My latest post and entry into the Zilliqa contest, show it some love ;)
* 10 from ico is underperformed ?

Despite all good news. Zil went to ATL. So yes IMO Zilliqa is currently underperforming

he would like, but it may not happen