And would like to have confirmation admins that zilliqa is in the list

Check out @CRYPTOVERLOAD’s Tweet:
I can see how common sense alludes you.

This is crypto, when was the last time you've seen common sense pan out?😂🤣

But God never answers my crypto prayers 😂. So this is just me sharing my dreams 😂

.. Zambretti

Lol man im in usd just following zil. I just wish btc could correct. So we have abit more confirmation of the market. Though will buy back if i see some movement in zil. I expect a 30% rise soon as prices generally rise from 14 days prior to big events. It's like a window period. Zil hasn't yet. So im scared to miss the boat. Though that's crypto. Have to plan properly. Could get rekt, could be a good move. Will just wait

Crypto is a scam, all the coins are going to moon in case of bull market. Be patient if you think their will be one

Crypto is worthless dude ... it’s just a greed game, btc is 10 years no one gives a fuck lol the rest is just wanna be worthless bitcoin

Virgil Abloh
That’s a lie

You're telling me a slow, centralized coin that isn't fungible is the best crypto asset? Bitcoin is doomed. People just FOMO into it as mainstream bait from media. Talk about fundamentals, Zilliqa, XRP, ADA etc are so much better than Bitcoin!

S van T
Indeed because BTC is a joke, the other coins are maybe better but they are still crap

why do you hang out in these channels if you think that all of crypto is a scam, just curious? Nothing better to do with your time?

U really think one day you gonna buy something with crypto lol ?

i've already bought computer parts from reputable online stores with crypto