Cryptolystic: 1 ETH = 116060 ZIL at ICO with ETH price pegged to 450 USD 1 ZIL = 0.0000086 ETH at ICO 1 ZIL = 0.0039 USD (with ETH price pegged to 450 USD) 1 ZIL = 0.0086 USD (adusted for current ETH price of 1000 USD)

Scam Alert - Watch out for social media accounts that ask for donations as part of fake promotions by posing as prominent figures in the crypto space - Watch out for false posts on Reddit saying that wallets or exchanges are shutting down and they need donations, we pointed out one on the Electrum wallet Reddit page the other day - Note: We will never shill any referral links on this channel nor will we ever ask for donations, if you see anyone posing as us - DM us on Twitter crypto_chasers and let us know! Lastly we would like to thank all of our new subscribers for joining - as always we are commited to high quality free fundamental analysis and signals on par or better than paid groups

Fud Alert Be wary of misleading articles regarding China's ban of foreign exchanges. While it is true that China has banned foreign exchanges there has not been any official mention that China is banning mining or cryptocurrency completely. Secondly, China FUD has been coming and going since the very early days of cryptocurrency although it is important - the crypto market % in China is not what it used to be. Japan which used to be a much smaller market is now much larger than China when it comes to crypto and lots of positive news is coming from there. Recently, Singapore's government also said that they have "no plans to ban cryptocurrency." Do not let the negative FUD regarding China twist your viewpoint in regards to the global crypto landscape. Subscribe for more free high quality in depth fundamental analysis docs on-par with paid groups such as Palm Beach Confidential as well as FUD, and scam alerts and fundamental signals.

FUD Alert Mainstream media is at it again as well as many other news outlets spreading fud - after taking a slight break attacking cryptocurrencies on Tuesday - news outlets such as CNBC are releasing headlines such as, "Most cryptocurrencies will crash to zero, Goldman Sachs says" other recent articles point out the recent hacks of Ethereum and how "devs don't know what to do" also releasing articles like "This NFL player lost money in Bitcoin and now he is listening to Warren Buffett" despite the recent price rises there will always be FUD being released - although not all of it is FUD, there are certainly many more positive articles popping up. As always we encourage our readers to not be swayed by these articles into doing impulsive trades and always to keep an objective perspective on the market.

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Can anyone give me a status from china. Can you guys trade crypto or not?? How does the future look?

15days jail for crypto trading.

Do you guys think the trading momentum/volume will come back the next couple off months?? Do chinese still want to trade crypto?

True! Stocks are boring! 👎🏼 Let's get the bulls back in crypto soon🐂💪🏽🌚

CryptoWhale: 📅即将举行的ZIL活动 15-05-2018纽约聚会 17-05-2018新加坡聚会 17-05-2018斯德哥尔摩聚会 18-05-2018聚会 20-05-2018锡比乌区块链会议 23-05-2018公共区块链的可扩展性 30-06-2018 Testnet v2.0发布

Hi All We are thrilled to share that Zilliqa was recently featured on CNBC CryptoTrader as one of the hottest projects at New York City Blockchain Week and also in Forbes on how our roots in research have been an enabler for us in the blockchain space Enjoy!
Portfolio highlights of biggest investors in crypto
Title: Zilliqa (ZIL) - Interesting developments ahead of Mainnet launch Description: A while back, the Zilliqa (ZIL) team announced that they were pushing forward the Mainnet launch from September to late December or early 2019. Their reason was that they needed more time to get ev… Original Article: Source:

Why must China keep banning crypto and related stuff..

It seems zil is the best cryptocurrency in the market with it's high TPS performance. the only one gonna catch up with BTC.

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Please Vote and Choose ZILLIQA for a CryptoDiffer DNA Report:
Please Vote and Choose ZILLIQA for a CryptoDiffer DNA Report:
​​❗️Dear community, we glad to announce voting results for the next CryptoDiffer DNA Report!We decided to choose 2 winners! They are Pchain (1282 votes) and Zilliqa (959 votes)! Congrats!Also, we have chosen 5 projects to be added in the next community voting based on your suggestions: Lition, Aergo, Kambria, Sparkster and Origo.We would like to 🙏🏻 thank the community and projects that have actively taken part in the voting process. We will look for a more transparent and easy way to make a new poll.

👏 Hello❗️👍 The good news in the world cryptocurrency❗️🚀 Binance announced launching a margin trading service🚀 In honor of this, Binance team opened AIRDROP 🚀🚀🚀 Anyone can take part and get prize ❗️🚀 Hurry up to take part✅ Information in our Website -✅ Group

Features:- Latest Bech32 address format- Wallet generation / importing- Multi wallet management- Sending ZIL with 3 gas costs (cheap, normal and fast)- Share your address via QR Code or read QR Code- Android Keystore is used to store the private keys, good luck hacking that- PIN bruteforce protection (something that lots of crypto-currency wallets don't have)This application is open source and the source code can be found at:☢️ It's NOT to be used by Zil ERC20 tokens, but by the native Zilliqa blockchain (either mainnet or testnet).Feedback is appreciated and you can contact us via gitter / email / in app messageEverything is stored on your device, we cannot recuperate any private keys or funds.All interactions with the blockchain are done via the official Zilliqa's API and this can be viewed in the code if someone wants to.

Believe it or not, but I totally agree with you. Except for the ‘why we ware better than all of the other platforms’ part. Usually the ones that claim to be the best, are actually the ones that are not. We believe in a ‘show not tell’ approach. That’s why until recently our focus was on completing the world’s first public blockchain based on a sharded architecture. Because in our 2017 whitepaper we promised to do so. Now the the mainnet is launched, and network, transaction and smart contract sharding is no longer an idea, but a reality, we actually have something to back up our marketing claims. It’s a road less travelled in crypto, I know, but we like keeping things real, instead of using the usual crypto ‘marketing’ tricks. This being said, I certainly do think our platform deserves much more attention. Zilliqa will need to become more visible, and will need to speak with a louder voice. Our new website will be the first milestone, and many other milestones will follow in coming months. The launch of our new website is only 8 days away. Stay tuned!



Hi,cryptofans!I want to know what you think about Such a domain iChinese.zil, /. cryptoiRussian.zil/.crypto?

Yes, I recieved CryptoFans.Crypto

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与新加坡元挂钩的XSGD首次在@cryptocom上币。 恭喜@xferspay👏立即前往crypto.com购买由Zilliqa支持的#稳定币 #digitalassets $ ZIL #PoweredbyZIL #StraitsX #adoption ⬇️更多请浏览:

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