Fud Alert Be wary of misleading articles regarding China's ban of foreign exchanges. While it is true that China has banned foreign exchanges there has not been any official mention that China is banning mining or cryptocurrency completely. Secondly, China FUD has been coming and going since the very early days of cryptocurrency although it is important - the crypto market % in China is not what it used to be. Japan which used to be a much smaller market is now much larger than China when it comes to crypto and lots of positive news is coming from there. Recently, Singapore's government also said that they have "no plans to ban cryptocurrency." Do not let the negative FUD regarding China twist your viewpoint in regards to the global crypto landscape. Subscribe for more free high quality in depth fundamental analysis docs on-par with paid groups such as Palm Beach Confidential as well as FUD, and scam alerts and fundamental signals.

It seems zil is the best cryptocurrency in the market with it's high TPS performance. the only one gonna catch up with BTC.

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