FUD Alert Mainstream media is at it again as well as many other news outlets spreading fud - after taking a slight break attacking cryptocurrencies on Tuesday - news outlets such as CNBC are releasing headlines such as, "Most cryptocurrencies will crash to zero, Goldman Sachs says" other recent articles point out the recent hacks of Ethereum and how "devs don't know what to do" also releasing articles like "This NFL player lost money in Bitcoin and now he is listening to Warren Buffett" despite the recent price rises there will always be FUD being released - although not all of it is FUD, there are certainly many more positive articles popping up. As always we encourage our readers to not be swayed by these articles into doing impulsive trades and always to keep an objective perspective on the market.

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Our meetup in Singapore where we will be sharing more on our progress, which partners are coming onboard and a preview of our new smart contract language Scilla

前面有位群友截了23号活动是通过ethereum singapore发布的活动宣传的截图。然后群里开始传言会和ethereum合作。

1. Ethereum Singapore并不是以太坊官方的组织,是社团成员自发组织的

2. 通过Ethereum Singapore发布23号meetup的活动宣传原因很简单:新加坡区块链线下活动组织由Ethereum Singapore组织的最为成功,影响力较大;我们之间关系也很好,所以ethereum Singapore帮忙发布消息

Weiss Rating 在近期的评比(2018.05.25),将Zilliqa和Ethereum皆评为B-。 Zilliqa赢在Scalability,而Ethereum赢在Adoption。 完整档案不方便附上,因此撷取几个较知名的币种放在一起供大家比较。

Ethfinex is Bitfinex's decentralized exchange for Ethereum Tokens, top 3 gets listing to Ethfinex and Bitfinex

Ethereum has significant adoption both p2p and b2b

Kailash Sharma:So what are the price predictions available?The first price prediction is from Reddit and puts ZIL at $0.50 in a year’s time from when the post was made. Looking at the date on the Reddit post, we see that this estimate was made in April. Therefore, the Reddit contributor expects ZIL to be worth $0.50 by next April.A second price prediction puts ZIL at $0.60 by the end of the year. This price prediction available online is based on historical data and using a combination of linear and polynomial regressions. The authors of the price prediction go-ahead to issue a disclaimer that they cannot predict prices with total certainty and their input should not be used as investment advice.The third and most interesting price prediction puts ZIL at an amazing $4.45 by the end of the year. This price prediction is based on a custom algorithm that has detected that ZIL is a fantastic investment. They too seem to share the notion that ZIL is the true Ethereum killer and not Tron or EOS.


分片可以加快速度。但是滞后因素也是一个问题。我问了官方,一个叫Jeremy的回答了我的问题。TPS is a function of latency and bandwith. It represents throughput. Zilliqa has very high bandwidth and medium latency. Ethereum has low bandwidth and low latency. Bitcoin has low bandwidth and high latency.Bandwidth is the amount of something you can fit at one timeLatency is the amount of time it takes to get it from start to destinationIn our context, latency is the duration of one block time. Zilliqa - 80s, Ethereum - 3s, Bitcoin - 600sTaking into account the unlock time (Zilliqa - 1 block, Ethereum - 30-60 blocks, Bitcoin - 10-30 blocks), the bandwidth for safe and secure transactions per second, Zilliqa really does have quite a lot more TPS一些项目宣称速度快,滞后小。还没有到主网阶段。


🌐 Domain Registrar Starts Registrations for Ethereum AddressesDid you know that you can link a ".eth" domain to your own Ethereum (ETH) address?Encirca is launching an Ethereum naming service (ENS) registrar to provide domain names at .eth locations.Similar to the domain name system (DNS) currently in play on the web, ENS will link to alphanumeric ethereum addresses through “human-readable” names.
Moonlet—Chrome browser extensionBlockchain agnostic wallet that supports both Ethereum and Zilliqa chainsTrust Wallet—iOS, AndroidOfficial Binance multi coin walletxZil—AndroidZhip—iOSThe world’s first iOS wallet that supports Schnorr signature for ZilliqaZilPay—Chrome browser extensiondApp interactive wallet that allows users to deploy/call contracts—PWAProgressive Web Application (PWA) web wallet that allows users to interact with their accounts either in a browser setting or on their Desktopszilcli—Command LineCLI Wallet for Zilliqa blockchainMath Wallet—iOS, AndroidMulti coin wallet. Chrome browser extension also available- - - Coming up: Ledger - - -

From Amrit (team Zilliqa)Question of the day: As you may know, we are in the process of implementing staking for seed nodes (which are nodes that do not participate in consensus). I have also been thinking about an extension of this project which is about introducing staking for consensus nodes. The idea that I am fiddling with is somewhat different from a PoS/DPoS network (as I think slashing is not important). As you may know in order to be a node in the Zilliqa network, you have to do a PoW. However, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, PoW is not required for every block. In other words, PoW is not used as a consensus protocol but instead as a Sybil resistance mechanism. So, technically speaking, you can replace PoW with any other Sybil resistance mechanism particularly staking. So, in the current model, you have 100% of nodes that do PoW. You can imagine a hybrid model where say 70% of the nodes do PoW and the remaining 30% do staking. Once the network is formed, they will all do PBFT to validate transactions and create blocks. So, the question is the following: if the network has say 2000 nodes in total and if you réserve say 600 of them for staking then, how do you design your staking mechanism? Which one of the following mechanism would you go for and why (support your argument with economic and security implications): 1. Fix the amount that each node needs to stake. Say 1 million ZILs. This allows not-so-rich node to participate as well. 2. Auction the 600 slots to the highest (or rather the richest) bidders. 3. Any other mechanism that you can think of. Do note that in the ideal scenario, you do not want the same set of 600 nodes to join the network. You may want to add some randomness. Thoughts?