PRESENTING OUR NEW AND IMPROVED DEV PORTAL!We are so pumped to share our new and improved #developer portal with you! 🔥👉 dev.zilliqa.comIt now features an enhanced UX, catering to all users in our #ecosystem - #dApp developers, #miners, #exchanges, node operators, and also contributors to our #Zilliqa core protocol 😎The new developer portal is structured as follows:- 1️⃣ Beginners - Blockchain basics, Zilliqa architecture, and ecosystem information2️⃣ Developers - Writing dApps on Zilliqa with all the toolchains available3️⃣ Miners - Setting up a mining node4️⃣ Exchanges - Setting up and maintaining a seed node or staked seed node5️⃣ Contributors - Protocol standards, guidelines, and architectural design information