🔹 Summary of the AMA with Zilliqa: 🔎 In this AMA, Amrit, Aparna Narayanan, Colin JG Miles and Milan Shoukri from Zilliqa joined the GAINS community to tell us about their project.The core value proposition of Zilliqa is scalability achieved thanks to sharding, a “divide and conquer” technique, thus balancing the golden trilemma of security, decentralization and scalability, giving Zilliqa its competitive edge in the industry. Aditionally, they created a programming language called Scilla which is secure by-design and formally verifiable.Moreover, Zilliqa uses a modified PoW consensus, less costly for miners and more eco-friendly.With XSGD, the stable coin on their blockchain, they target the remittance market of the APAC region, projected to be worth $270 billion in 2026.Finally, they underlined the vast ecosystem built around Zilliqa and the vibrant and democratic community they foster. Indeed, 60 projects from 20 countries are part of the Zilliqa ecosystem. They are building wallets, DApps, explorers, developers toolkits, smart contract testing frameworks and more.👉 It was a pleasure having them in our group and learning more about their project. 📚 Here is the transcript if you want to dig deeper!👏 Don't forget to spread the love and clap 😘
Ivan on Tech's third Scilla tutorial video is out now! Check it out and share it with all your (developer) friends! 📺https://youtu.be/zEX_-8ZlMe4
Ivan on Tech's 4th #learn #Scilla tutorial video is out now! Complete the quiz after watching, and stand a chance to win 10,000 ZIL and a #BuildOnZIL t-shirt each! 🔥💰😉🎬 https://youtu.be/fh8OTOob0Ec

SocialPay 2.0 Campaign UpdateHi all, thanks for your participation in the #ZILCovidHeroes campaign for Singapore Red Cross. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to do your part yet for a 25 $ZIL reward - there’s still time. We’ve got 99,000 ZIL left in our bounty! ⏳If you can spare another minute, please do recognise any Covid heroes or heroines you may have come across by sharing a NextID-powered certificate with them. That appreciation will go a long way as they navigate the pandemic and continue to serve their communities.

…and that’s a wrap for the #SocialPay 2.0 #ZILCovidHeroes campaign! 👏 Thanks to your engagement, we’ve reached our target & are thrilled to give back to Singapore Red Cross to support their Covid-19 relief efforts. As always, you’ve come through for us and to those in need. A special thanks to NextID as well. Stay tuned for the next campaign... 🎉

As we are actively trying to grow our developer community, we appreciate if all of you could help get our Stack Exchange launched. This would help us A LOT!It will only take a few minutes!Steps:1) Log in to Area 51, Stackexchange - https://area51.stackexchange.com2) Follow Zilliqa's proposal - https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/124271/zilliqa3) Upvote Questions with less than 10 votes (need 40 Q's to reach 10 upvotes) dont vote on something that already has 10 votes! 4) Ask up to 5 new Q's (not mandatory)Please support so we can get as many developers join and stick around! 📈 🚀
Security advisory - Fake Zillet, Moonlet and Zilpay wallet in the wild--------------------------------------------------------We have received reports of fake Zillet, Moonlet and Zilpay wallet. The phishing domain in concern, have the extra letter "l" i.e Zilllet and MoonlletFor Zillet wallet, the official website is at https://zillet.io/For Moonlet wallet, the official website is at https://moonlet.io/For Zilpay wallet, the official website is at https://zilpay.xyz/
The wait for #staking is almost over! 🔥📢 Starting from 18 June, 6pm (UTC +8), #token holders will be able to stake their $ZIL via our exchange partner KuCoin#StakeWithZIL Find out about the details here👇🏻 https://www.kucoin.com/news/en-pool-x-will-launch-zilliqa-staking-via-soft-staking-program
Zilliqa Token Swap: Recovery plans for unswapped ERC-20 interim $ZILIf you’re among the few who missed the token swap deadlines of 2019-2020, and are still holding “frozen” ERC-20 interim $ZIL, we’ve got some updates for you, so please read this message. https://blog.zilliqa.com/zilliqa-token-swap-recovery-plans-for-unswapped-erc-20-interim-zil-5220afa4a52fIn the months following the token swap deadline of 15 Feb 2020, we’ve received several requests for our assistance from people who missed the swap. We have been carefully looking how we might be able to recover these interim tokens and help convert them into mainnet $ZIL.We are planning to work on a solution to enable such a swap - one that requires research, inputs from external partners and extensive infrastructure changes from those who no longer support the interim token. It will be a challenging endeavour - but one that we’re happy to take on in order to help the remaining ~1 % to be part of this fast-growing network. Given the nature of the project, I am sure you understand that we are unable to provide a firm deadline right now, but please follow us on one or all of our official channels to ensure you do not miss subsequent announcements. We hope to give you a progress update by Q4 2020. Thanks for your patience and support. Regards,The #Zilliqa team

📢 We are excited to present to you technical updates on the much-anticipated Hg Exchange! 👉🏻 Successfully demonstrated the service process flow to partners in a staging environment👉🏻 All solution elements have passed QA👉🏻 Seeding data in Production Sandbox for soft launch within June👉🏻 Onboarding 3 founding members for 'go live' dateFollow them on Twitter: @hg_exchangeThe website: https://hg.exchange

Binance Staking Update - 25 June 2020We would like to provide a quick update on the @Binance Staking service, which is being provisioned now. Given the interest shown by the community, we are fully expecting that staking on Binance will attract an overwhelming take-up which could potentially impact the annual yield.As such, and with the primary goal of keeping it attractive for delegators (given the constraints), the mechanics of staking on Binance is being restructured - more especially, in order to maintain an annual yield of 5-10%.This restructuring could involve a 'lockup' period with a guaranteed tiered yield (between 5-10%) based on the length of the lockup period. The final live date will be announced as soon as the necessary changes on the infrastructure are made.Thank you for your patience.#Zilliqa $ZIL #ProgressWithZIL