Hello everyone,We’ll be organizing a series of 'Townhall AMA sessions' with Zilliqa ecosystem grant awardees. For each session, we will invite representatives from some of the teams to interact with the developer community on Gitter, share project updates and answer any relevant technical questions. These sessions will also be useful for those who wish to get involved with these open-source projects or get ideas on defining their own project to build on Zilliqa.Join us to learn more about the cool projects that the Zilliqa community is working on.Our first townhall session will be dedicated to projects developing wallets and browser extensions. Participants for the first session will be:1. Alex Cyon and Patryk Konopacki - A Zilliqa wallet and Swift SDK for mobile iOS devices.2. Qaidjohar Jawadwala- Browser extensions to integrate with Zilliqa wallets.3. Bo Hu - Developing a Chrome extension for Zilliqa.4. Cryptoland Tech team - Developing web wallets and extensions to provide a secure and consistent user experience.Details on date, time and venue for the first session are as follows:*Date: * 10 November, 2018*Time: * 0900 hrs UTC*Format:* Text based group chat on Gitter*Venue: * https://gitter.im/Zilliqa/ecograntSee you on Gitter on Nov 10!
Hi All,We are pleased to announce that https://www.coinhako.com/ has started offering fiat trading pairs for ZILs including ZIL/SGD. They will be running some amazing competitions so head over to their Facebook page, like them and join the competition starting 8pm (GMT +8), 11 Nov 2018! https://bit.ly/2PNcHjxHave a great weekend!
Dear all,I am excited to share Project Update #21 with you. In this update, we share details about our – very important – upcoming mainnet launch. We have also been at various events these past 2 weeks to drive education of blockchain and Zilliqa, and engaging our ecosystem developers with our first Gitter Townhall.On the technical side, we continue to double-down on testing and fine-tuning of our features, including the completion of our Node Recovery feature. We continue to work on the cashflow analysis prototype for the Scilla interpreter. As a part of our effort to improve our development tools, we have also released v0.2.0 of our Zilliqa Javascript library, along with documentation.As mentioned in our last update, we will be holding a live AMA on Telegram on Nov 15, 3pm SGT (7am UTC) to answer your questions around mainnet, Scilla, and marketing. For those of you who might not be able to make the live AMA, you can pre-submit your questions on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/zilliqa/comments/9swvn6/ask_us_anything_zilliqa_ama_15th_nov_2018/).As always, we want to know what you think! Let us know if there is anything you want to hear more about in our updates!https://blog.zilliqa.com/zilliqa-project-update-21-details-on-jan-31-2019-mainnet-launch-ec87473966ce
Hi all, we are excited to announce the second wave of Zilliqa ecosystem grant awardees! You can find more details here:https://blog.zilliqa.com/announcing-the-second-wave-of-zilliqa-ecosystem-grant-awardees-6e03edadcc0d
Hi all, thank you to everyone who participated in our AMA yesterday. We really enjoyed the discussion and appreciate the engagement from the community. We have compiled the Q&As and related documents here for your reference.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Uq1LEowlMEmpQv2mcRrlin5d0wvrleja/view?usp=sharing

We received reports on ongoing scamming activities. Please note the following security advisorySecurity advisory===============Impersonation of Zilliqa team members/community managers- We do not pm you or create private chat group- We do not pm you to notify you that there is a technical fault which will require you to perform certain actions

Dear all,I am excited to share Project Update #22 with you. We have been doubling-down on development work, and will be launching Testnet v3 very soon. We welcome everyone to guess the codename of our Testnet v3! Here’s a hint – our previous testnet was named after one variety of durian.We shared the stage with our partner, Mindshare, last week to present on Project Proton at the Singapore Digital Industry Day. We are on track to complete the smart contract and complete campaign database integration by the end of 2018.On the technical side, our core protocol is now in feature freeze, but continue to make significant improvements based on the results of our testing. Our developer tools are also now in rigorous testing phase.As always, we want to know what you think! Let us know if there is anything you want to hear more about in our updates!https://blog.zilliqa.com/zilliqa-project-update-22-testnet-v3-and-public-mining-on-zilliqa-526c7dfbc831
Dear community members,Today, we are thrilled to announce that Testnet v3, codenamed “Mao Shan Wang” after another one of our favorite durian breeds, is now live. This is a major technical milestone — as far as we know, this is the first fully-fledged testnet in the world to implement network, transaction, and smart contract sharding. This specific testnet has addressed some of the security issues discovered by our security auditors, and added required safety checks and extra enforcement mechanisms to improve the stability of the system.Please read the blog entry for more detailshttps://blog.zilliqa.com/announcing-testnet-v3-0-codename-mao-shan-wang-fc91189ba3fa
@everyoneDear all,We are excited to share that public mining on Testnet v3 is now available. We invite miners to test Zilliqa’s different take on mining. Through your help in testing and debugging, we will be able to make key improvements in stability and security for our upcoming mainnet.The key features of mining on Zilliqa include significantly reduced electricity cost as PoW is only needed for 5 mins every ~1.5h, the ability to dual-mine with Ethereum, and more distributed mining rewards. Detailed documentation is now available, and we will be available for support and debugging through our Telegram and Gitter channels.We also thank our community developers for developing block explorers and web wallets that help make mining easier. We are now sourcing for a mining OS through our ecosystem grant program – if you are interested, please reach out to us!As always, please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.https://blog.zilliqa.com/public-mining-on-zilliqa-testnet-v3-is-now-available-868586f1a8bf
Hello everyone,As you may know, we have been organizing Townhall AMA sessions to interact with the Zilliqa ecosystem grant awardees. For the first session, we had invited teams working on wallets and browser extensions. We discussed project updates and among other topics, the importance of putting focus on UI/UX, i.e., ensuring that our apps can pass the so called “grandma test”.You can read the transcript of that fun and in-depth conversation here: http://bit.ly/ziltownhall1.Our second Townhall session will be dedicated to projects developing libraries and development frameworks. Participants for this session will be:1. Bo Hu and his team who are developing Muer: a command line tool to help users develop smart contracts and dApps on Zilliqa.2. Muuto Morikawa and Satoshi Miyazaki (No. He’s not that Satoshi. Or at least so he claims.) who are creating libraries in Go to interact with the Zilliqa blockchain. 3. Su Wei who is creating JS libraries for Zilliqa that hides away the nasty queries below the surface, so that a developer will only need to interact with a convenient interface.Details on date, time and venue for the second session are as follows:Date: 12 December, 2018 Time: 0900 hrs-1030 hrs UTCFormat: Text based group chat on Gitter Venue: https://gitter.im/Zilliqa/ecograntSee you on Gitter on Dec 12!
Dear all,I am excited to share Project Update #23 with you. The last two weeks have been a busy week for our tech team, with the launch of Testnet v3, code-named Mao Shan Wang after one of our favorite durian types, and public testnet mining.We also a great time meeting developers and projects at ETH Singapore, where Yaoqi spoke on a panel on blockchain scaling, and Edison did a tech talk on smart contract security. We are working on finalizing our events calendar for January, and will share details as soon as they are confirmed.On the technical side, our team continues to make improvements to our code base, such as making improvements to Transaction Processing, Verification, and Transmission, that will improve our stability and security. We have also been shoring up our libraries and conducting various internal tests on our testnet.As always, we want to know what you think! Let us know if there is anything you want to hear more about in our updates!https://blog.zilliqa.com/zilliqa-project-update-23-launched-testnet-v3-with-public-mining-f3da13b87f5d
Check out this video for an introduction to Zilliqa and also how we are using AWS to deploy large scale testnets https://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/zilliqa/

Hello everyone! We have been getting feedback from the Developer and Miner community over the course of the past 2 weeks on how to improve technical communication. We are extremely grateful to all beta testers in the Developer/Mining communities.With a grateful heart, we are excited to announce that we are setting up our very own technical forum channel as of today! Do register within this month to receive an early adopter badge :smile:Discourse forum link: https://forum.zilliqa.comThis forum differs from our reddit channel in that it supports LaTeX and highlighted code markdown. The primary purpose of the channel is to enable Developers and Miners to come together for more structured discussions. This will enable more efficient debates over Zilliqa’s core protocol design, smart contracts and mining operations. The secondary purpose of the channel is that it will allow past discussions to be searchable via search engines.Please note that this channel is not for:+ Non-technical discussion, for this please use r/zilliqa.+ Price-talk.We hope that to see you over at our very own technical forum very soon…

Dear all,As part of our process in strengthening our internal safeguarding, we are exploring the use of professional cold storage solutions for digital tokens. As a result, we will be sending a large amount of ZIL ERC20 tokens from our reserve wallet to cold storage wallets. Please do not be alarmed and remain assured that this does not affect the circulating supply of ZIL or our token vesting schedule in any way.Thank you for your continued support.

We have been made aware of a rumour that has been circulating on a potential collaboration with Facebook. This is a baseless rumour and we would like to ask everyone to refrain from sharing fake information on social media.

Dear AllAs we round up year 2018, here's Project Update #24, the final project update of the year. We are working hard towards our goal of the upcoming mainnet launch and looking forward to sharing more on our progress in the new year. Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to all! https://medium.com/zilliqa/zilliqa-project-update-24-happy-holidays-from-zilliqa-7b8274db410f

The Zilliqa Team wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2019 and a wonderful year ahead! 🎉🎉

Dear all,Happy New Year! I am excited to share Project Update #25 with you. As we inch closer towards the mainnet, we have been wrapping up loose ends found during internal and community tests. We have also been gearing up quickly to ensure that developers will have all the necessary SDKs to develop applications on Zilliqa, with SDKs in C#, Python, Java, and Go coming soon. We are also happy to share that community members who wish to run services such as explorers will now be able to run seed nodes.On the technical side, we continue to implement feature updates and bug fixes, with the periodically relaunched Testnet v3 (codenamed Mao Shan Wang) nearing the final configuration for our upcoming mainnet.As always, we want to know what you think! Let us know if there is anything you want to hear more about in our updates!https://blog.zilliqa.com/zilliqa-project-update-25-gearing-up-for-mainnet-c61dde9c0cb5

Security advisory=============We are aware of ongoing scam attempts that involves the use of phishing website, telegram channels and bots. The website in particular is asking for user's private key information in order to participate in Zilliqa airdrop. Please note that this is a scam and there is no airdrops or ETH/BTC/ZIL giveaways. Stay vigiliant

Dear Zilliqa community members, we are planning to conduct an AMA session after mainnet launch. Please submit your question here https://www.reddit.com/r/zilliqa/comments/ai6az8/ask_us_anything_zilliqa_ama_feb_1st_2019/
Dear all,One more week until our mainnet launch! I am excited to share Project Update #26 with you, in which we cover more details about mining rewards and dual mining of Zilliqa. We also discuss our latest security updates and the external code reviews we have been engaging in.On the community and marketing side, we have been confirmed for several events across the globe for the first half of the year which you can find in our update. We look forward to meeting all of you there!We will be sharing a much more detailed post about mainnet and our roadmap beyond mainnet launch later this week, so do stay tuned! We will also be holding an AMA on Feb 1 4pm SGT to answer your questions on mainnet and beyond. You can find more details on our Reddit.As always, we want to know what you think! Let us know if there is anything you want to hear more about in our updates.https://blog.zilliqa.com/zilliqa-project-update-26-final-testing-before-mainnet-launch-75bf27cbc186
Dear All,As we countdown to the upcoming mainnet launch, here is a quick update on what to expect. This post covers the features that will be available on the Zilliqa mainnet and also, in light of the recent 51% attacks on other chains, how we are going to ensure security on the Zilliqa network in the early stages. We look forward to sharing more with all of you on mainnet launch on January 31.Cheers!https://blog.zilliqa.com/zilliqa-project-update-89f77583419

The Zilliqa Mainnet is launching 31 Jan 2019. ERC20 ZIL tokens can continue to be transferred till end June 2019, when token swap is expected to complete. There is currently no action required from exchanges, wallets, token holders.

Dear All,We are thrilled to announce that the Zilliqa mainnet has launched! This is a monumental milestone for the team and community. You may visit the block explorer at https://explorer.zilliqa.com. For mining on the Zilliqa mainnet, please refer to https://github.com/Zilliqa/Zilliqa/wiki/Mining.The Zilliqa mainnet is quite an accomplishment with innovative technologies being made live. With this launch, Zilliqa is now the first public blockchain platform to successfully implement sharding. It has made years of research, testing and trials into a public and live platform, that will lay a solid foundation for the not just new generation blockchains, but also a new generation of decentralised applications.Token SwapWe are glad to announce that we are working with the following exchanges to support the token swap from ERC20 to native ZIL tokens, which is expected to commence from late Q1 2019. The exact timelines will differ for exchanges. Please note that there is no action required from ZIL token holders at the moment.BinanceUpbitHuobiCoinbase and Coinbase CustodyKorbitCoinoneGate.ioBittrexGopaxKoinexCoinhakoList of wallets supporting native ZIL tokens:(some are still work-in-progress)Please DO NOT send ERC20 ZIL tokens to the wallets.Moonlet (audit done) https://moonlet.xyz/Trust Wallet ZHIPLight-walletMidas ProtocolxZilLedger CompanionThe Road ForwardPost mainnet we will continue to be working on research and development in areas such as zkSNARKs and high-level language integrations with Scilla.We will also continue to nurture the Zilliqa ecosystem through grants and other initiatives such as our digital advertising project with Mindshare and other players Project Proton, Hg Exchange which is aiming to be the first member-driven private investment exchange in Southeast Asia. We also hope that BOLT, EMONT Frenzy by Etheremon, and exciting games from Krypton and MixMarvel take off with consumers.Once again, we would like to thank our community for your patience, and being on this journey with us. This is the beginning of what will be an amazing year for Zilliqa. We look forward to many more exciting developments, and sharing them with you all.You can also check out https://blog.zilliqa.com/zilliqa-mainnet-the-launch-and-beyond-4cd7e113369f for more details.
Dear AllA reminder we have our post mainnet AMA today at 4pm Singapore time (UTC+8). You can submit questions on Reddit or ask them live @zilliqachat. https://www.reddit.com/r/zilliqa/comments/ai6az8/ask_us_anything_zilliqa_ama_feb_1st_2019/
Dear AllHappy Lunar New Year! The team is finally getting a much-deserved break after mainnet launch.I am happy to share this week's project update where we cover the recent mainnet launch, notable tech updates, and the summary of our AMA.As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments.https://blog.zilliqa.com/zilliqa-project-update-27-entering-a-new-era-506df64a0322
Calling all bug hunters! In conjunction with BugCrowd, Zilliqa invites you to test and help secure our primary publicly facing assets - focusing on our cryptocurrency platform and smart contract language/implementation. We are awarding $150-$5000 per vulnerability found. Check out https://bugcrowd.com/zilliqa?preview=fd8e67b9c72ece08adbb808f71f6bfff for more details.
@channelDear All, I’m happy to share that after the successful launch of the main net, we’re looking to end the bootstrap phase in early March and moving our focus to enterprise applications, awareness, marketing and partnerships. As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments.https://blog.zilliqa.com/zilliqa-project-update-28-mainnet-growth-marketing-focus-a0521d28a07

Dear community members,We have come a long way since the launch of the Maoshanwang testnet. Since we launched our mainnet, our network has marched to over 24,700 transaction blocks and over 900 nodes from the community have joined the network. Meanwhile, the shard difficulty level has reached 34 (~17 GH/s) and the DS difficulty level has reached 41 (~2199 GH/s). We would like to thank all the miners and community members for their long-standing support.The bootstrap phase has been going strong thanks to everyone being so committed to their role within this diverse community. During the bootstrap phase, we have had three upgrades to the network in order to further enhance its stability. Meanwhile, we have also been gathering feedback from the community and identified several improvements that are desirable. For instance, in order to achieve wider adoption by the mining community, we need a more miner-friendly client and opt-in upgrading mechanism. In addition, we are also fine-tuning the public-facing APIs by implementing more features like incremental DB to enhance the process for miners to join and recover from the latest states as well as coordinate with exchanges for token swap.Therefore, we are proposing to extend the bootstrap phase from DS Epoch 313 to DS Epoch 600 (estimated to be in end of March), in order to test and implement these desired features before the end of the bootstrap phase. Thank you everyone in advance for your understanding and continuous supportCheers!The Zilliqa Team

Dear All,Over the past few weeks we have been closely monitoring and making improvements to our mainnet. We have had three upgrades to the network in order to further enhance its stability. We have also been coordinating with exchanges for the Zil token swap, the details of which we will be announcing shortly.Also, at Zilliqa we place a very strong emphasis on team dynamic and we take all new hirings very seriously. So, we’re proud to announce some new Zilliqa team members who have have recently joined us (learn more about them in the post.)As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments.https://bit.ly/2VD5NwQ
Project Update #30As we approach the end of the bootstrap phase, we continue the technical tuneups of the platform. We will also soon kick-start our program to work with universities to educate students about blockchain apps. We're also happy to announce the recruitment of our new Communications Manager, Aparna. More details in our blog:http://bit.ly/zilupdate30
Zilliqa is proud to announce the third wave of Ecosystem grant awardees! Committed to nurturing talent, we are now accepting applications for the fourth wave & will offer structured support to our developer community. Read more here: https://medium.com/@snowsledge/announcing-the-third-wave-of-zilliqa-ecosystem-grant-awardees-f9d6578edfa3.

Dear all,We are approaching the end of the bootstrap phase, which is scheduled once the network mines the 600th DS epoch (estimated to be on April 2nd, 2019). The Zilliqa network has processed over 55k transaction blocks during this bootstrap phase and over 1,200 community nodes have joined our network. The mining difficulty level for the DS committee has reached 44, while for the shards, it is at 37. This is a strong indicator of Zilliqa being increasingly adopted by the mining community. We are very thankful for their support.As is the case with any initial networks, the Zilliqa network has also seen some glitches during the bootstrap phase due to the heterogeneity of the network, mismatch between some of the time windows in the protocol and real-world compute, and network delays among community nodes. However, the network has not witnessed any serious attacks, which can largely be attributed to the high PoW difficulty-level in the network.As promised, we will allow processing of transactions following the end of the bootstrap phase. Miners can start to transfer their tokens to other accounts and community developers can begin trying out payment services. To ensure smooth transitions for all, we will reserve a few hours to test token transfer and other payment transaction services before opening it to the public. Once the testing is done, we will inform everyone on Slack and Telegram.To secure the success of token swap (scheduled to start in late April), and better support exchanges and wallets, we would like to open the network to only allow payment transactions, i.e., the smart contract feature of the network will be temporarily disabled.We assure you that the smart contract layer is fully implemented and being used by the community members to test their applications on the developer testnet. We will enable smart contracts on the mainnet via a network upgrade following the token swap, and share updates on the official date during the latter half of May 2019.As always, thank you for your support and understanding.

Dear community members. We have been notified that certain scammers are impersonating our community manager. Do note that our community managers will not DM you and will not help to generate a wallet address on your behalf. As always, stay safe!

Hi all, We are happy to announce that the mainnet's bootstrap phase has come to a close. Over the past two weeks, the core tech team worked hard to upgrade the mainnet to the latest version 4.4.0 and its subsequent hotfix version 4.4.1. Apart from the security and functional fixes that we regularly introduce in each upgrade, the major improvements in version 4.4.0 revolve around storage, mining, and usability. Version 4.4.0 also introduced the new incremental database feature, which allows new nodes joining the network to first download older blocks from our AWS storage. Additionally, in order to improve usability and convenience for all our fantastic miners out there, we have added the option for enabling an API server in community nodes.The end of the bootstrap phase does not change what we have always been committed to doing, which is enhancing and perfecting the system as much as possible. Keeping this mission in mind, we continue to work dedicatedly on fixes and enhancements. As the first few transactions have already been successfully processed, we celebrate this new phase for Zilliqa and eagerly wait to see how we can grow. If you'd like more information, please note that we will soon release our bi-weekly update which carries further technical details for your consideration.

Project Update #31 — As you know, the Bootstrap Phase has officially ended and transactions are being successfully processed through the network. Meanwhile, our experts and our Blockchain A-Z Workshop are making news! Please read more in our blog. https://blog.zilliqa.com/zilliqa-project-update-31-end-of-bootstrap-phase-8d63c0716607

Security advisory==================Dear community members. We have been notified that certain project (Zollo) is claiming to be a partner of Zilliqa. This is not true and we are not involved in any of their "token distribution". We highly recommend anyone not to provide any sensitive credentials (email, password, private keys, mnemonic phrases, etc) to them. Stay safe!

SCAM ALERT: Dear all, Please be wary that a fraudulent entity called Zollo is claiming to be in partnership with Zilliqa and Maker DAO to provide "a free token distribution of ZLO (Zollo token)". Users have been asked to provide sensitive information during the sign-up process for this scam token distribution. Please note that Zilliqa has NO PARTNERSHIP OR ANY LINKS to Zollo. As always, we are paying high attention to our security systems and are not aware of any breaches on our end. Like all phishing attacks, this is a serious matter. We encourage everyone to be vigilant of any communications they receive and take some additional time to verify its authenticity. Please use all security features at your disposal to avoid becoming victim to any such incidents. We have shared our technical report on all the known facts of this scam along with some recommendations, and will continue to update you when we have further data. Here's the report for your review: https://forum.zilliqa.com/t/phishing-alert-technical-report-on-zollo-scamming-incident/587
Zilliqa Project Update #32 - Dear all, following the end of the boostrap phase, we're so happy to see our network grow, and the community develop some exciting projects on Zilliqa. Meanwhile, our core tech team has been preparing for the release v4.5.0 ahead of the critical token swap period. The scilla team has also been very busy, working on adding namespaces to the language and testing community-written Scilla contracts - among other things. There are also quite a few major events on the pipeline, which the team is excited for! You can get all the information on our blog: https://blog.zilliqa.com/zilliqa-project-update-32-buildonzil-technical-content-437332077ef9

Security advisory (scam alert)======================Dear community members. We have been notified that certain scammers are impersonating our community manager. Do note that our community managers will not DM you.

Hello everyone! You may have read that Binance is one of the exchanges supporting our token swap. We are very glad to confirm this. I know many of you have had questions about this process, and we have tried to provide you with detailed guidelines on the entire process in the below link.During token swap, you will be able to convert ERC20 ZILs on the Ethereum network to native ZILs on the Zilliqa network at the rate of 1:1. *This will take place on 22 April, 0:00 AM UTC - so please remember to deposit all ERC20 ZILs you would like to swap to Binance prior to this*. At that point, Binance will temporarily suspend all deposits and withdrawals of ERC 20 ZILs and permanently stop trading of ERC20 ZILs. You will then get them changed for mainnet ZILs.The closing date for the swap has not yet been decided. Several exchanges have agreed to support our token swap, pending their official announcement of the exact dates and mechanisms. Details of both will be shared with everyone in the community as we get more confirmations.A final note and recommendation to all - You are encouraged to swap your tokens as early as possible and precisely follow the instructions of the exchange you are using. For any questions please consult the exchange customer service before you proceed! For those who are unable to get this done in April, there will be a subsequent token swap phase, the specifics of which will be shared following the end of this first phase.You can read all details here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w-UuFX9maLmbt6aybiAv2U6rHNWhKwxQ/view?usp=sharing

We received reports on ongoing scamming activities. Please note the following security advisorySecurity advisory===============Impersonation of Zilliqa team members/community managers- We do not pm you or create private chat group- There is NO manual token swap.

TOKEN SWAP UPDATE: Coinhako is currently open for token swap. Please deposit your ERC20 ZILs to their platform (coinhako.com) before 6th May to get mainnet ZILs I return. Other exchanges will be supporting our token swap in case you are unable to deposit to coinhako over the next few days. Please note that we will make it our top priority to share details on the supporting exchanges and corresponding timelines as and when we have the information. Thank you for your understanding.

Status update- Exchanges for token swap:Done ✅ - Coinone- Binance (2nd round TBA)On-going 🔄- Coinhako (Deposit close 6th May)- Huobi- Upbit- OkexTo-be-announced 📢- Bittrex- Coinbase and Coinbase Custody- Gopax- Kucoin- Koinex- Korbit- Gateio

Status update 29th April - Exchanges for token swap:Done: ✅ - Coinone- Binance (2nd round TBA) On-going: - Coinhako (Deposit close 6th May) – Kindly note that CoinHako acts only as a wallet for non-SEA users. They will not be able to complete KYC flow or trade here. - Huobi- Upbit (deposits closed) - Okex- Koinex- KucoinTo-be-announced :- Bittrex- Gopax- Korbit- GateioPlease remember to subscribe to @zilliqa announcement channel for future token swap updates!

Security advisory===============We are made aware of ongoing scam with regards to 1) impersonation of team members and community managers 2) Fake token swapImpersonation of Zilliqa team members/community managers- We do not pm you or create private chat groupToken swap- There is NO manual token swap. All swaps will be done by various exchanges- Please do not reveal your private key or mnemonic phrase to anyone - Please refer to announcement from exchanges for token swap instructions

Zilliqa Community Update 30 April - Dear all, we are happy to share that we have been ramping up our marketing efforts in our post-mainnet launch phase, with a heavy focus on education and adoption of blockchain. We outline some fantastic on-going community projects, and reflect on our recent success with the Blockchain A-Z Workshop in this re-structured blog. https://blog.zilliqa.com/zilliqa-community-update-30-may-token-swap-education-outreach-5dbb8e8e0bbf

Status update 1st May- Exchanges for token swap:Done ✅ - CoinoneOn-going: - Coinhako (Deposit close 6th May) – Kindly note that CoinHako acts only as a wallet for non-SEA users. They will not be able to complete KYC flow or trade here.- Huobi- Upbit (deposits closed)- Okex- Koinex- Kucoin- Binance - Users can deposit ERC20 ZILs into their ETH deposit addressPlease note that we are in talks with other exchanges who could facilitate token swap on their platforms. Details of these exchanges and any corresponding timelines will be shared with you in due course. We appreciate your understanding. Finally, please remember to subscribe to @zilliqa announcement channel for future token swap updates.

Token Swap Update- Hello everyone, sharing an extremely useful blog post put together by CoinHako ahead of the upcoming token swap on 6th May. For those who would like to swap using this platform, please take a few moments to read the guidelines here: https://blog.coinhako.com/upcoming-token-swaps-zilliqa/

Hi all, we've been reading your queries around token swap, and have put together a comprehensive blog aiming to address as many of those concerns as possible. The post contains details on the token swap, why it is important, and the exchanges that will help you convert your ERC20 ZILs into mainnet ZILs. Here you go: https://blog.zilliqa.com/a-guide-to-zilliqa-token-swap-5278ba32a2f3