Por qué el mercado está cayendo tanto??

"Scaling is a constant concern in the crypto space, and even Vitalik Buterin acknowledges that he doesn’t have the answer yet. Zilliqa, on the other hand, might be the coin that takes crypto on to yet another level beyond Ethereum’’s scope"https://talkmarkets.com/content/most-promising-altcoins-to-consider-over-the-rest-of-2020?post=251304

Include more complex behaviour into Zilliqa’s social pay. Prize: 1st: £3000, 2nd: £2000, 3rd: £1000 (across both Zilliqa challenges).Build social pay like functionality for another social media platform for Zilliqa. Prize: 1st: £3000, 2nd: £2000, 3rd: £1000 (across both Zilliqa challenges).