Gente que programa usáis en Android para mirar el precio a tiempo real? Uso Cryptocurrency pero falla más que una escopeta de feria

 Only 8.5% of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Traders Are Female A new demographic analysis of people trading in cryptocurrencies has brought up some intriguing results such as that only very few are female, most have little to no previous experience,… Read More

A unicorn with a rainbow bolt: 📈Courses cryptocurrency Top 25 for may 24: 1 BTC: $7738,60 (-2,69%) 2 ETH: $609,25 (-5,13%) 3 XRP: $0,622001 (-2,81%) 4 BCH: $1046,92 (-5,47%) 5 EOS: $11,37 (-6,42%) 6 LTC: $121,72 (-4,42%) 7 ADA: $0,211524 (-3,77%) 8 XLM: $0,291287 (-1,13%) 9 TRX: $0,073809 (-2,26%) 10 MIOTA: $1,53 (-5,28%) 11 NEO: $54,51 (-3,45%) 12 XMR: $174,64 (-1,29%) 13 DASH: $346,58 (-2,37%) 14 USDT: $1,00 (0,03%) 15 XEM: $0,270104 (-3,60%) 16 VEN: $3,77 (-5,76%) 17 ETC: $15,47 (-4,61%) 18 BNB: $13,14 (-1,63%) 19 BCN: $0,007178 (-6,78%) 20 QTUM: $13,86 (-5,92%) 21 ZEC: $294,59 (-8,89%) 22 OMG: $11,32 (-1,25%) 23 ICX: $2,85 (-5,85%) 24 LSK: $9,35 (-2,81%) 25 ZIL: $0,127554 (-5,76%)

This cryptocurrency has massive potential for growth and is definitely the best buy at this time.


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OK.. Creía q es pos se hacía stake

Mining in cryptocurrency is the process of securing and verifying transactions (called blocks) along the blockchain

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⁠Social media giant Facebook will reportedly announce its cryptocurrency project this month
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