Will add more people in

Anyone keen in mining zilliqa in future?

Yep! I was thinking of doing it

In the first few months it should be easy to mine

Good way of increasing Zilliqa stack

Anyone started mining?

Need to look into the best hardware for it though

Anyone started mining?

Not possible yet. Have to wait until Mainnet Launch. Should be able to setup your own node when Testnet 2.0 is released.

Can’t mine yet

Just wanna build a zilliqa mining community

Best value for money hardware to mine it?

Something that wouldn't become outdated too quickly

So that when mainnet is up we can seek advise from one another

Is zilliqa ethash right?

I think need to wait and see cos zilliqa is abit diff from other coins

For most pow coin 1060/1070 and amd cards are pretty efficient for mining

And good resell value as well

Can we submit some new group icons😅 I am in 3 ZIL groups now all with the same avatar

Alright I will use yours

I'm new to crypto (since Jan). Any recommendations for a good site to research more about mining? Something not too technical. Also, how much $$$ would a decent miner run?

J~~~ :)
Alright I will use yours

Thanks lol. Maybe when we reach 100 members we can have a competition

Nice dp are you in the field of design by any chance?

Yes I am. That was a quickie.. Will probably refine and resubmit later today/this evening

Frank Castle
Yes I am. That was a quickie.. Will probably refine and resubmit later today/this evening

Awesome, may I ask what trade specifically? And did you happen to take part in the infographic contest, I was seeking like-minded ones back then haha

I do graphic and web design. I didnt participate in the infographic contest. It was over by the time i discovered the channel

Maybe olly can give a shout on Twitter for the group ?

Wonder if can mine using Raspberry pi ?

Jonathan, where are you based?

Hello I’m from Singapore

Great, me live in Sg too. However, I am a Crypto newbie. U know the Zilliqa insiders? Perhaps we can gather at Zilliqa office for hands-on mining tutorials. 😇

Their mining tutorials not up yet thou

U seem to have experience in Crypto mining . Which coins ?

Not really experienced in mining yet

Our techfaq also includes a lot more information regardless to mining https://docs.zilliqa.com/techfaq.pdf