Mr Difficulty: "Im gonna stop you right there"

Hello, I was wondering how rewarding is it to mine Zilliqa now, has the difficulty increased a lot, what would sort or results would an i9 get?

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Is mining zil in SG profitable?

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whats more the scam, the spam or Zil?

Dear All,We will be conducting a network upgrade to version tag v6.1.0 on 3rd February 2020 from UTC 03:00 to 07:00 hrs. This release introduces several bug fixes to multi-message smart contracts and node synchronization. It also adds a new "transition" field in transaction receipts to provide visibility into internal transactions during contract calls. The upgrade will also integrate the latest Scilla version v0.5.2. Please refer to the release notes for more information: note that all nodes will have to rejoin the network to perform this upgrade.The new configuration files for v6.1.0 are expected to be ready for download by 3rd February 2020 UTC 07:00.:exclamation: Please remember to save your mykey.txt as usual before carrying out any upgrade. :exclamation:Do note that during the upgrade period, no transaction will be processed by the network.When you have successfully upgraded your node, you will be welcomed with a message: "The latest software tag: v6.1.0" in the zilliqa-log text file.Thank you for your continued support!

Hehehehe...must be

Yeah- he can like buy what he want on exchange and he comes here

Sad thing alot of people fall for that

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The network upgrade to version tag v6.1.0 has been completed as of 3th Feb 2020 07:50hrs (UTC). The configuration files for v6.1.0 are now ready to be downloaded.:exclamation: Please remember to save your mykey.txt as usual before carrying out any upgrade. :exclamation:Please make sure to use the v6.0.0 docker image or native build, and use the latest v6.1.0 configuration files to join the upgraded Zilliqa mainnet. The configuration file can be found at When you successfully upgraded your node, you will be welcomed with a message: "The latest software tag: v6.1.0" in the zilliqa-log textfile.Notable new features are- An additional transition field in the transaction receipt for internal transactions during contract calls (please refer to the API Documentation)- Bug fixes to multi-message smart contracts- Bug fixes to node synchronization- Several other minor bug fixes and improvements- Reduction of 180 shard guardsThere is no breaking change at the SDKs level. Release note can be found at:

On a quick look, viewblock seems to be not synced yet.

Guys alert act fast please stop @ Real Crypto Vigilante madness.. Go to his channel and. Fight for zil its important! They are going to drop the price with this its all because of Kevin investors group newest fiasco in cooperation with him and those guys from zilliqaprices chat that provoked it. Let us top this madness for ZIL! GO SAY YOUR OPPINNION AS A TEAM! 🙏

And Kevin over there fooling around instead to defend the project..

Hey all, I've been out of the crypto scene for a while but now need to transfer my ERC tokens asap. Can someone remind me what tool I can use to actually deposit the ERC tokens into my Binance ERC address? Thanks

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This is what Vigilante thought by influence Kevin and Daken from investors group screw it up yesterday in cooperation attempt..

People this is getting /got serious he published on main channel, where is our PR to stop this?

And basically all started well with approaching Vigilante by Kevin until (and Scriptor warned him about it, but they banned his, you should have listen Kev...) Kevin came to Vigilantes channel talking about NWO, G20, Conspiracy stuff etc and they thought probably that all Zilliqa is crazy with such representatives on top Fuzzy came in shooting on Kevin which looked like total madness, see for yourself...

Just one more thing these guys changed the name to escape the afere that started with them they are now Zilliqa Traders Official group, think that Zil should see with Kevin and them Zilliqa from the name totally if they are planning to engage in such manners...