and finally, notice how Zilliqa blockchain is bug free and ubreakable and remember your whining at each update in bootstrap

and yes if sharding one day become secure/usable be sure BTC will be first to use it

Naah that would bloat up full nodes. There was a concern about blockchain size. Etherbunnies don't get it.

well for sure, but there are some benefits also, issue with size of blockchain is not just that, due the block war ppl think its only that, and its not

now look at Zilliqa founders, several academics, assistant prof. etc. is there any more advanced blockchain than Zilliqa ?

you mean those guard nodes or what ? or that Zil team can stop blockchain like in bootstrap ?

seems like you live in some blockchain middle ages so to speak

Zilliqa is the most advanced Blockchain hi-tech IT

Zilliqa is so cool, most advanced IT hi-tech blockchain project, all that security effort going to pay off

The blockchain is immutable, reversing transactions or so is not possible.

I m not eating the thing "is blockchain, your fault"

for example, future: exception=TimeoutError()>Traceback (most recent call last): concurrent.futures._base.TimeoutError

just wanted a node set up for reading the ledger so that i cud use for blockchain explorer

How can a blockchain dev have this in that script since the beginning and never try it out?

I mean, these txs need to be on the blockchain, when miners are rewarded. Or they are recorded only once the miners move them from their initial wallet?

That’s a decentralized blockchain, so there is the only way to fix the bug ASAP

Hi all,We have observed that a significant number of mining (shard) nodes are unable to complete in consensus while processing the current load of smart contracts on the network. This has resulted in longer block times due to micro-block consensus time-out (60 seconds), and the loss of transactions from at least one shard. Please note that this does affect your rewards as the flexible rewards are based on the amount of signature completed and accepted per TX block.Please ensure your nodes meet the minimum system requirements indicated in the Mining wiki page in order to attain max. payout: - Intel i5 processor or later- 4GB DRR3 RAM or higherIf you are using AWS instances, we recommend to use at minimum a t2.medium OR t3a.medium instance to execute the transactions and perform consensus in time.Thank you for your support!Zilliqa/ZilliqaZilliqa is the world's first high-throughput public blockchain platform - designed to scale to thousands of transactions per second. - Zilliqa/Zilliqa

with guard node having a blockchain is stupid and pointless

Almost every blockchain has such solutions

zilliqa only promise is one day they will decentralize blockchain by killing gourd nodes

If there is a dapp like forge of empires fore example on zil blockchain - then it's price will grow, miners will also grow, everything will grow

Look, ZIL is #2 from Ethash coins from security standpoint. It needs just another 4-5 TH/s to get fully secured from Nicehash attack. Other coins include ETC can’t survive it now. ZIL has guard nodes, it makes impossible to attack ZIL now. So, ZIL is on right track to build decentralized and secure blockchain and soon reach that point.

Is something up with the blockchain again?

Pls send in your request for Zilliqa to be mentioned on of the DApps — Blockchain Apps for Ethereum, Steem, EOS, and MoreThe curated list of decentralized applications