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Vano Kush
Whats the best miner and pool to join now ?

EthOS with and .

Hey, everyone! We recently pushed live a Moonlet build for testing purposes which has the Ledger Nano S support. It would be good to have your feedback and stretch a bit the testing side before going public. Therefore feel free to install it from here: Since it's a build for test, you need to install it locally and run it in DEV mode. For that, the following steps are required:1. Download and unzip the chrome-extension-0.35.0 zip2. Go to "Extensions" on Chrome3. Enable "Developer mode" (top right hand side)4. Click "Load unpacked"5. Select the unziped folder6.1. You should have now the Moonlet DEV installed6.2. Make sure you have Leddger Live app installed as well and you enabled the developer mode. Once there, install on your Ledger Nano S the ZIL app.7. Open Moonlet and "Add new account"8. Click "Connect" > "Ledger" > Select "ZILLIQA"9. Once you connected to Ledger and added an address, you should be able to see the card on Moonlet. It has the Ledger icon on the top right hand of the account card.Thanks in advance. 🙂
You mining Zil these days?

Nope. Market rekt. Not done much crypto stuff. But I think they need to make mining easier for people soon.. a lot of friends ask me for help mining zil

Guys alert act fast please stop @ Real Crypto Vigilante madness.. Go to his channel and. Fight for zil its important! They are going to drop the price with this its all because of Kevin investors group newest fiasco in cooperation with him and those guys from zilliqaprices chat that provoked it. Let us top this madness for ZIL! GO SAY YOUR OPPINNION AS A TEAM! 🙏

Hey all, I've been out of the crypto scene for a while but now need to transfer my ERC tokens asap. Can someone remind me what tool I can use to actually deposit the ERC tokens into my Binance ERC address? Thanks

Tell him we are with you these people need to be stooped @RealCryptoVigilante please help! @Zilliqa4Life scammer!