@daniel281 , @amkuma , @foraimfordream please ban this scammer

Sort your channel out FFS

This is disgusting - this guy could face criminal charges posting this - the address is easily traced.

He can send spam all the time

When hetero gifs

@Daniel281 you need to get in here. Zilliqa is being attacked

Wow just wow. No words 😲

Spreading shit in this group

I've joined this channel in Jan 2018... And this is a whole new level.

Where’s admin clean this shit up??

Well shit someone post some pussy while admins are sleeping haha

come on why there isnt a bot or admin banning this guy?

What is your problem

Please really no need for this

Where is the admin ffs

Ban this idiot

How is it possible that none of this is being deleted?

This is hilarious

Crazy just crazy.

It is not funny Kids use Telegram - this guy is a pedophile

You are sick not gay

@AparnaNarayanan ban him please

so fuck your ass in another chat

This is all being recorded for law enforcement

just report Deep open his profile and block user