I have a tool, I’ll find you.

Trace this guy for law enforcement

They wann do big business and even cant handle an tg group

Zilliqa Team where are you?

Jan Filimon🇸🇮
I have a tool, I’ll find you.

Can you show me how? Last time I checked Telegram Users cannot be traced so we have to wait for admins to put an end to it.

Disgusting - this animal is a pedophile

You are posting content for children to view you grub

You are also here?

Let's have a talk then?

The pedophile will be traced by authorities

Yes you are - posting disgusting images that kids csn view

Anything instead of Gifs 😅

You deserve a long prison term

But this is not Fun for us straight guys

It is being posted for children to view by a lowlife pedophile

Children us Telegram and you are knowingly exposing them - stop !!

I sent compliance on you for children pornography. They liked to find like you👍

It is technically impossible to trace someone on telegram 😳

I also reported the Pedophile

You are so fucking sick idiot!! I’ve send a message to Telegram, it will trace you verry soon!!

what do you think the team will announce on the 18th?

Why do you think ISIS is using it?

Too late you are in serious trouble now

If he is using a mobile phone it will be easy to trace

It is technically impossible to trace someone on telegram 😳

Possible. Through central server in case of drug sales or children pornography

Some should show this shit to his

I am disappointed that admin is not here - the police will deal with this.

We have a Pedophile troll

You are intentionall exposing children to this

Adult or not why is it being posted here? Admin please stop it.

This is "Zilliqa Official" ... should be monitored!

Whoever is rosted for Admin should be shown the door - this is disgusting

Huh am I at the wrong group?

Im really concerned about this i they even cant handle an tg group