Nice hobby you have

So that's why it's OK to post it in here?

Not my cup of tea tho

Good for them. Everyone has their taste but this content is not allowed in this group

All telegram can do is disable your account. Read the ToS it's all in there.

you just terrorized us with gay porn show

I bet with you they don't since technically they can't. That's what end to end encryption is for.

Where did the porn go

You are lucky today 😉

You cannot be traced. All the reporting feature does is get the attention of mods who can delete a group or disable your account. You cannot be traced. Law enforcement will and cannot be involved.

No, they do not log.

Ok why did the Chinese government had to Ddos Telegram servers instead of asking them by there authority to ban users taking part in the recent Hong Kong protests?

They can see deleted content

It's just a feature for Admins groups to see recent content

better than allowing perverst like you spam our group

They will never do so.

You deleted you content and you had fun. Let's move on and focus on ZilliqaWhat's your thoughts on Zilliqa?

Did you join the ICO?

They don't. See here:

When ZIL $1? So much better than ETH but price not showing

I honestly don't think we need to hear about what you do on telegram, this is a crypto related chat. Best to keep things crypto and zilliqa related here or stop posting.

This room has been weird since last night, what is going on?

Jedidiah McCanna
This room has been weird since last night, what is going on?

Team are heading to Zilliqa day, so not much admin around to keep check.

can you guys tell me how to report people in this telegram

whats the best wallet to use for zilliqa guys?

Moonlet works fine

Can you delete this, there's people of all ages and genders they might be in the thread

@edisonlimjh @amkuma @junhaotan @Daniel281

Fucking children

read group name

For me it is very disgusting. I am a woman.

Deep please remove these gifs …

Someone here in the group said that I had to fill out this form here.

Scam no one from zilliqa will contact you