Can zilliqa do 100 nodes with 6 shards each?

Do you mean 6 shards with 100 nodes in each?In theory, yes. However it would not be a working solution in a public permisionless blockchain.

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and ubisoft is bit with mindshare
So what is the news on 18?and what happened to Pepsi ?!!
PepsiCo was involved in the Project Proton pilot test with Mindshare, see

Is it true fb will launch its coin on this blockchain

Can we expect some sort of announcement on zilliqa day (not referring to Facebook, but maybe something we don't know that's been worked on)

Yes the zilliqa website asks "what does a blockchain become when it can provide scalability and security?" With a countdown timer. Huge news incoming.

The value of the Zilliqa blockchain is not based on hype - on June 18 there will be a rare self congratulatory moment. In the meantime, relax knowing there is something to look forward to in a matter of days.

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No new updates yet.

Thanks Joona, you are the best. And the most patient and humble Admin in the whole blockchain space. 😁

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Is there a problem?

Link is just connector of if dapp has no usage then link has no use?

what is the newest article on that?
Yes they are

Chainlink connects smart contracts they are not a blockchain platform to build daaps on or be used for smart contracts

the volume on blockchain it's still increasing,this means more usecase and utilization for ZIL token at the moment

transactions on BLOCKCHAIN(NOT at binance) still growing

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The truth is that we are NOT working with Facebook.

Even if you are not working with Facebook, you can't prevent them from building on the Zilliqa blockchain, it's a decentralized thing lol, they don't need to ask your permission. That said it wouldn't make sense for them to build on Zilliqa so case closed.

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So, just because they can deploy on Zilliqa means that they definitely will?

it looks logical as they want to start from India and they would need workable blockchain with smart contracts and high TXS