Is unstoppable domains limited to Zil or do they do this for any chain?

.zil will be the first blockchain domain with multi-currency support You will be able to send any cryptocurrency but the gas is paid with Zils

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Will zilliqa participate in Coinbase Earn when zil trading goes live there? Lots of new tech with zil so would be perfect for it

The Zilliqa Naming Service allows users to have human readable names, like yourname.zil, to send and receive cryptocurrency. No more copy-pasting of long crypto addresses - just share your name!

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i just heard about unstoppable domains from crypto zombie interview. he said in the interview that you can buy a domain and have different wallets linked to that domain so someone can pay you in btc, eth and etc

That is the ultimate goal. .zil: A new blockchain domain extension launched on the Zilliqa blockchain. It was specifically designed so that .zil domains can work to enable payments in any cryptocurrency

We need to download this right? Or it works like online wallet?

Yes. You download it as a chrome extension and you can access your funds.Cryptocurrency "wallets" are not real wallets. But merely a way to access your funds on the blockchain. They don't store your funds per se.

“Blockchain…is very big, but it didn’t need Bitcoin. J.P. Morgan of course came out with their own cryptocurrency,” he said. “We are probably doing it (getting involved in blockchain) indirectly, but I wouldn’t be the person to be a big leader in blockchain.”

Cryptocurrency swapping feesCoinhako charges a fee of 1.0% on the received amount for every cryptocurrency swapping transaction.

Not so often Yahoo! Finance covering a cryptocurrency.

Is there going to be any binding requirements for purchase of zil tokens as the project advances? Zil has had several projects announcements that didnt come to attrition and it has a neg impact on the brand.

Ongoing discussions. There's a resistance towards accounting for cryptocurrency on an organisational level. We have shown good results in initial pilot, and we will continue to work hand in hand with mindshare to operationalise project proton.

but like any other cryptocurrency including bitcoin , scaling issues is currently being solved and still on development

adoption its long term...

When big companies make deal with cryptocurrency they went to moon very quickly (recently, Sansung with some project).. That's not happened with Pepsi, because some people dont understood what is NAT and the announcement said "we need more test before to proof it"

UPA mission is to bring 100 Million new users into cryptocurrency

Let's just buy so that the rest of the world gasps and envies the future cryptocurrency zilliqa

Let's show the whole cryptocurrency market What is X.

Coinhako support says “coinhako charges a fee of 1% on the received amount for every cryptocurrency swapping transaction.”

Zilliqa will be an example for the entire cryptocurrency market

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Fake news

Some people confuse fb cryptography with cryptocurrency. The latter is only a rumour.

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