DigiByte or Zilliqa?

what happened to quiet marketing? letting the tech speak for itself?

Lol. Personally, I'm completely against large advertising campaigns with no working product, but once the product (or key parts of it) is working and proven, you have to get it out there and get the world's attention . It's unfortunate, but the tech doesn't speak for itself. Just look at Digibyte...

Is digibyte as good as zilliqa?

Hi 600 usd should I split it buy digibyte and Zilliqa or go all in zilliqa I don’t have neither one?

On 600usd buy zil and digibyte split it or go all in zilliqa I don’t have neither one

I also do not think its the token swap. If you are holding something which you believe is worth gold, token swap or not, you will not sell it for cheap, which is what is happening. I stand by my conviction that Zilliqa needs to put itself in the spotlight, and the only way it can do it, is by partnering with a huge company - name it Uber, Facebook, SpaceX. Anything which will get the eyes of the world on Zilliqa. It should then use the goodwill of that partnership to attract more companies into its block chain. Just talking about how good our tech is, is useless at the moment because we do not have companies who will utilize the chain (yet). You cannot say "we are the fastest once we have 1 million users per day" and ignore the road-map of getting those millions of users. Execution is everything. Having a great idea or tech is important but it takes more than that to built a sustainable technology company. Perhaps equally important is execution. Execution in addition to technology and the human capital will determine whether a company will die, or become successful. It is hard for us to know anything because we are not working for Zilliqa and thus cannot determine its destiny. So many people here are so confident that a project will succeed but does this hope have a strong foundation? I do not believe so because you cannot know how a company will perform in its ability to attract companies to its chain. The honest truth is that we are at the mercy of the performance of the team. If they do a good job, we will fly. If not, then we will die. Its tech people, death is around the corner for every tech company in the world at every moment of the day. Zilliqa is not an exception. I have GREAT faith in @amkuma . He could make himself immortal. I hope he makes the right decision. I am waiting.

I have seen this kind or reaction manytimes in the Digibyte community & they never listeded just look where DGB is now after 5 years, Listen please what others are saying or yes ZIL will end up just like DGB, has fast blockchain, huge trabsaction speed, without doubt the safest most secure chain in existance but not one my opinion ZIL is headed down the same track