What’s the plan to overtake ethereum?

Hi. When ENS names will transfer to blockchain?

ENS is Ethereum, are you reffering to .zil addreses?If so, i believe they plan to give live in eom

Wonder how zil will work in payments if it takes 1min or 2 min for smart contracts to have finality

Considering it takes around 30 confirmations for Ethereum usually to consider the TX final, that is around 8 minutes or so.PoW also does not guanratee finality while pBFT does.

Bart Kortenray
Is that possitive or negative that it takes 3 minutes for smart contracts finality ? I do not have any idea about it 🙈 ???

He is talking about transactions, the blocktime in Zilliqa is longer than in Ethereum for example.You will need remember that pBFT grants finality, while PoW does not.

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and ubisoft is bit with mindshare
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Step towards adoptation and progress

Agreed..although we do wish zil gets involved with those big companies...i read good article of potential use case from Google.. It's pity they always mention be great someday if zil would be mentioned in stead

Why is everyone so negative today ffs?? I'm incredibly positive about what zil is achieving. It's still very early days. Do you think Ethereum became a top 10 coin over night? No. It took years of hard work. Zil is still in its infancy but partners will soon have working products that will demonstrate that zil can actually have a practical use in real world scenarios, whether that's saving costs, gaming etc. Zil is not a pump and dump coin.

Ohh, mainnet zil also can be deposited on ethereum address still?

how funny ethereum more fast transfering than zil