Salut aaa si Rrrr

I'm bring this man to you all try and see what I'm talking about he have done good for me he will do same to you follow him now
I was really against online stuff at first until I decided to give it a try. Mr patrick Delarosa made me to see the light in through him. I’m really happy I did because it changed my life, a trusted and experienced man with the attitude of a good father. His a Godly man, I can vouch for him. Hit him up today and you will glad you did...

Multumim Matei

Earn From Home👇

Chiar e indicat sa lucram de acasa!

Chiar ma gândeam...

Cum pot sa profit și eu

Dacă DEJA lucrez de acasă

Barbie ce mai face?

Bun Venit domnule Lemnverde

Until 1 minute ago, I didn’t know this group even existed! 😀 🇷🇴

You’re not hiding things from me, are you... 🤔

Hi Mark,It's an honour to have you in this group.Bine ai venit.

Thanks! I might have to use Google Translate 😅

I friend of mine went to Romania a couple years back, and he said it was one of the most beautiful countries he ever visited. Might need to validate his remark one day! 😁

Yes indeed Mark, Romania is a gem in tourism the same as Zilliqa is a gem in crypto 👍

You will not regret visiting Romania!

did this Elrond "fight" get you in here?

We had a good time with Amrit in 2018

Will be good to have you visit :)

did this Elrond "fight" get you in here?

Actually I was looking for the Russian TG group, but found this one instead 😁

did this Elrond "fight" get you in here?

I’m afraid the Elrond fight was already there. Check my Twitter 😉 @Woelgeest 😅

In boxing this is what is usually referred to as a KO

I’ll bet he regret his tweet now 🙈

he didn't meant to downplay your work man..

but a herd of people joined elrond channels and started flooding with stupid acusations regarding elrond tech

elrond and zilliqa are two different approaches to sharding, and it's really cool to see them come alive and compete