had my ups and downs along the way

Me too 😅😅😅

i am sorry i did not speculate whne the price was begging me to sell

But I have been very sure about Zilliqa from the beginning though

i didn't, but that's ok.. in a few years maybe.. :)

also.. Elrond was built from ground up.

with incredibly smart and hardworking people

with 3 iterations (rebuilt)

trying to think outside the box, looking around and seeing how to IMPROVE things

But downplaying Zilliqa like that.. Meh 😑

not believing that things are impossible

nobody downplayed zilliqa man..

when elrondAmplify was launched, Joona sent the herds to complain

Let’s agree to disagree lol


but i agree to agree to disagree :)

when elrondAmplify was launched, Joona sent the herds to complain

I know for a fact Joona would never do that. He’s my friend and I’m usually not wrong about people

i have high regards for Joona

an admin that lasted through the fire of bear

when moon / when lambo

but i saw the message.

I consider him to be one of the best admins in the space. He gets better every day as well

"feel free to call them out"

of course he didn't say "Go on twitter and tweet this" or "go to their telegram channel and say this"

but you know the power of an admin

in a 20k user chatroom


Bine aț venit

Care o fi criteriul?

Cauta tot legat de zilliqa

Am primit 3 mesaje in rusa

Probabil sunt boti de aici si cred ca sutem rusi..la fel ca si fratele mark